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In May 2013, members of the POMEDOR team went to Paphos and Nicosia to sample cooking and table wares for various archaeometric analyses: chemical, petrographic and residue analysis.

The aims of this sampling campaign were to:

  • create reference chemical group(s) for the Paphos Theatre workshop;
  • identify sources of import;
  • begin investigations on the use of cooking wares.

Work concentrated on three close assemblages of the late 13th century:

In March 2014, members of the POMEDOR team went to the IAA (Israel Antiquities Authority) storerooms in 'Akko, Bet Shemesh and Jerusalem as well as to Tel Aviv University to sample cooking wares, table wares, amphorae as well as pots that served for sugar production for various archaeometric analyses: chemical analysis, petrography, and residue analysis.

The campaign aimed at answering various research questions regarding these wares:

Port St. Symeon wares: How much Islamic technology is involved (Capelli et al. 2006) and how many workshops can be define in the consumption...

During the POMEDOR 5th sampling campaign, Yona Waksman and Jacques Burlot investigated ceramics coming from the archaeological sites of Ephesos, Miletus, Sardis and Pergamon in Western Turkey.

The sampling campaign mainly aimed at studying the transition between late Byzantine and early Turkish (Beylik and early Ottoman) pottery production in Western Anatolia, and especially the introduction of new typological and technological features in the local pottery repertoire. These four sites are of particular interest in this respect, as evidence of pottery production of Byzantine and/or early Turkish periods were found in nearly...

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