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Belgrade Conference on Archaeological Pottery (BECAP) is an international biennial conference aiming at gathering specialists from the field of pottery studies, organized by the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, and the Institute of Archaeology.

BECAP 22 – Pots as media: Decoration, technology and message transmission

Belgrade, 12-13th May 2022

Since the beginning of the discipline, decoration on ceramic vessels was considered one of the most important features of pottery; motifs and designs were important in defining archaeological cultures and understanding chronological sequences. With time, the research topics

related to decoration broadened and today many potential lines...

12/05/2022 (All day) to 13/05/2022 (All day)

The XIIIth Congress on Medieval and Modern Period Mediterranean Ceramics of AIECM3 organized by Universidad de Granada, Servicio de investigación de la Alhambra, Unidad de Excelencia de la Alhambra and Fundación Fajalauza; on 8-13 November 2021. AIECM3 is an international association for the study of medieval and modern pottery in the Mediterranean. It organizes the International Conference (CICM3) every three year and also programs innovative thematic workshops.

The work of the association has been essential for new achievements and significant reflections about history of pottery. The Congress of AIECM3 to be held for the first time in Granada...

08/11/2021 (All day) to 13/11/2021 (All day)

The international conference "Ceramics from Islamic Lands" was organised by Mariam Rosser-Owen (Victoria and Albert Museum, London) and Leslee Michelsen (Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art).

The inaugural keynote lecture and the roundtables discussions are available on the V&A blog:


"Join international experts in ceramics from the Islamic world as they present new research on themes ranging from archaeological finds to contemporary practice.

Through a combination of pre-recorded and live panel discussions, we will discuss significant archaeological finds, ceramic technology and technique, trade across the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and the Silk Roads, contacts...

19/07/2021 (All day) to 23/07/2021 (All day)

Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM) is a Research Center of Koç University that supports academic research on Ankara and its environs ( VEKAM maintains an extensive library and archive that specializes in the history and culture of Ankara, the capital of Modern Turkey. Since 1994, the center organizes panels, symposiums, exhibitions, conferences and seminars that contribute to the academic life in Turkey; and publishes twice yearly a peer-reviewed journal: Journal of Ankara Studies (

Starting from Spring 2014, VEKAM has been organizing international symposiums to introduce various cultures that lived in Anatolia and support...

27/05/2021 (All day) to 28/05/2021 (All day)

The international conference "Ceramics from Islamic Lands" (initially planned 3-5 December 2020) is organised at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, by Mariam Rosser-Owen (V&A) and Leslee Michelsen (Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art).

The V&A proposes to hold a conference on the theme of ceramics from Islamic lands.
Proposals are invited for 20-minute papers on any theme, including but not limited to:
significant bodies of archaeological material, ceramic imports into the Islamic world, trade
with China, Europe and the Americas, ceramics produced in South and South-East Asia
under Muslim rule, object-focused and...

19/07/2021 (All day) to 23/07/2021 (All day)

The online symposium “The Culinary Recipe from the XIIth to the XVIIth centuries (Europe, Islam, Far East)” will be held from 17th to 29th May 2021. This is both the conclusive conference of the international research program CoReMA (Cookery Recipes of the Middle Ages: Corpus, analysis, visualisation) and the first act of the Micrologus Conference supported by UAI and POLEN laboratory “Between workshop and court: The recipe from the XIIth to the XVIIth centuries (Europe, Islam, Far East)”. The second act of the Micrologus conference will be held in 2022. 

Between the XIIth and XVIIth centuries​, the recipe was probably...

17/05/2021 (All day) to 29/05/2021 (All day)

Belgrade Conference on Archaeological Pottery (BECAP) is an international biennial conference aiming at gathering specialists from the field of pottery studies.

Follow the conference on

In 2021 it will focus on food processing, preparation, and consumption. Food/drink processing and preparation have been in focus of pottery studies for several decades, especially after the development of laboratory methods which enabled the identification of foods/drinks

prepared, and reconstruction of technological traits related to intended use of pots. Instead of focusing on archaeometric analyses, however, BECAP 20 is aimed to address the...

01/02/2021 (All day) to 02/02/2021 (All day)

Since its foundation in 1976, the GMPCA (Groupe des Méthodes Pluridisciplinaires Contribuant à l'Archéologie) association has aimed to develop research on multidisciplinary methods contributing to archaeology in France and around the world. This association brings together specialists from various disciplines contributing to the resolution of archaeological and art history problems. The interface of these disciplines with archaeology is called "Archaeometry".

Every two years since 1977, the GMPCA has organised the Archaeometry Congress, whose scientific objective is to take stock of the progress of techniques applied in the field of heritage, to enable young researchers

19/04/2021 (All day) to 23/04/2021 (All day)

The aim of the Symposium is to promote the development and use of scientific techniques, for the extraction of archaeological and historical information from the cultural heritage and the paleoenvironment. It involves all Natural Sciences and all types of objects and materials related with human activity. Emphasis will be given to integrated and multi-disciplinary studies involving archaeological or anthropological research.  

The 43rd International Symposium on Archaeometry (ISA 2020), initially planned 18-22 May 2020, will be held on 16-20 May 2022, in Lisbon, Portugal, organized by Instituto Superior Técnico.

The subjects covered by the Symposium are grouped into sessions...

16/05/2022 (All day) to 20/05/2022 (All day)

The 4th International Scientific Conference “Historical, Cultural, International, Religious and Political Relations of the Crimea with the Mediterranean Region and Eastern Countries” will be held in cooperation with the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, The State Historical and Archeological Museum-Preserve “Tauric Chersonese”, the Sevastopol State University from May 26 to May 31, 2020, on the basis of The State Historical and Archeological Museum-Preserve “Tauric Chersonese”,  and the Sevastopol State University.


The following sections are planned for the conference:

- Political, trade and cultural relations of the Crimea with the states of the Mediterranean region...

26/05/2020 (All day) to 31/05/2020 (All day)


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