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The 6th Archaeological Meetings of the IFEA (Institut Français d'Etudes Anatoliennes) "Merging Techniques and Cultures. Technological Approaches in Archaeology" will take place on November 24-25 at the Koç Research Center (RCAC). They bring together specialists of various disciplines dealing with different periods, presenting approaches to techniques and "chaînes opératoires" in archaeology to students and researchers. The proceedings will be published in the series Rencontres d’Archéologie de l’IFEA, including an online version.

Y. Waksman will present research carried out in the framework of the POMEDOR project, on the introduction of new types and...

24/11/2015 (All day) to 25/11/2015 (All day)

The Institute of Historical Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation organizes in collaboration with the Istituto per i beni archeologici et monumentali (Basilicata), which will be held in Athens (1- 3 October 2015), an international conference on “Milk and dairy products. Aspects of production and consumption in Mediterranean societies of antiquity and the Middle Ages”. The meeting is inscribed within the project MenSALe / Storie e rappresentazioni della cultura dell'alimentazione regionale; the three volumes of work already carried out will be discussed on the afternoon of 1rst October.


01/10/2015 (All day) to 03/10/2015 (All day)

The Congress proposes to make an introduction and an overview of research conducted specifically in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean. This will expose the state of research that has multiplied in recent years in the field of medieval and modern period archaeological studies showing new results from random and systematic discoveries to excavation of shipwrecks, ceramic kilns, workshops and various productions are also regularly unearthed, which testify to the presence and the superposition of different temporary and sedentary civilizations in the Middle East and Anatolia. Architectural ceramics mainly tiles is an urban monumental decoration of importance, sharing techniques and...

19/10/2015 (All day) to 24/10/2015 (All day)

The European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics is a biennial conference convening scholars and young researchers with diverse academic backgrounds both from humanities and science. The scope of the meeting is to promote interdisciplinary and integrated studies of ancient ceramics covering various aspects from production, dissemination and use, and up to post-depositional alteration and conservation. Methodological developments, new approaches and scientific progress are presented in terms of analytical and measuring techniques, data processing and interpretation.

The conference will be held at the auditorium of the New Acropolis Museum, which is situated in the ancient centre of...

24/09/2015 (All day) to 26/09/2015 (All day)

Fire, Knives and Fridges. The material culture of cooking tools and techniques

This year’s topic is inspired by the renewed interest in traditional cooking and preservation techniques, such as baking and fermenting, but also by innovations like sous-vide cooking and molecular gastronomy. Since prehistoric times humans have used tools, such as fire, grindstones, and knives to transform raw ingredients into edible food. Anthropologists such as Claude Lévi-Strauss and Richard Wrangham have suggested that it is the discovery of cooking which sets humans apart from apes and makes us a “cooking animal”. In their view, advancements in the technology of cooking...

15/01/2016 (All day) to 16/01/2016 (All day)

The Dîwân association (association for young researchers in History of the Medieval Muslim Worlds) organises a three-day meeting, giving Ph.D. students the opportunity to present their work.

This meeting will start with a presentation of “Menestrel”, a workgroup of scholars and documentation specialists formed in order to develop a documentary network for Medieval studies on the Internet.

During this meeting, three communications are related to foodways in the Medieval Islamic World, involving POMEDOR members Limor Yungman and Jacques Burlot:

  • BRISVILLE Marianne & YUNGMAN Limor : « La cuisine dans l’Islam médiéval : étude comparative entre l’Orient et
  • ...
11/06/2015 (All day) to 13/06/2015 (All day)

A one day international conference organized by Dr Konstantinos D. Politis (European Social Fund Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Athens), convening scholars from diverse fields to present and discuss the archaeology of the Sugarcane Industry as excavated in various sites in the Near East and eastern Mediterranean islands.

The program includes an oral communication and a poster proposed by POMEDOR member E.J. Stern



09:00   Registration and coffee/tea

09:30   Opening and welcome address by, Asst. Professor Dr Dimitris KARADIMAS (Scientific Advisor, University of Athens), The Sweetness of Philology: What did the Ancients know about Sugar?

10:00   Dr...

23/05/2015 (All day)

For the 20th archaeometry symposium organised by the GMPCA, a talk and a poster will be presented by POMEDOR members Jacques Burlot, Joanita Vroom, Laurence Tilliard, Nikos Kontogiannis, Stefania Skartsis and Yona Waksman:

  • Oral communication: "A la recherche de l'origine de la principale production de céramiques médio-byzantines: les résultats d'une  enquête archéométrique, archéologique, et historique" presented by Y. Waksman, G. Koutsouflakis, N. Kontogiannis, S. Skartsis and G. Vaxevanis.
  • Poster : “Céramiques turques dans l'Ouest anatolien avant Iznik: provenance et technologies” proposed by J. Burlot, Y. Waksman, A. Bouquillon, J. Vroom, B. Böhlendorf Arslan and L. Tilliard.



27/04/2015 (All day) to 30/04/2015 (All day)

POMEDOR member Edna Stern will present the Crusader-period pottery from Acre at a ceramic seminar organised by POMEDOR and the "Laboratoire de Céramologie" in Lyon.

09/04/2015 - 14:00

“In&Around” will be the 2nd international topical congress organised by the AIECM3 (International Association for the Study of Medieval and Modern Ceramics in the Mediterranean). It will take place in Faenza and will be related to the topic “pottery and community”.

POMEDOR members Van Verrocchio and Iryna Teslenko will be presenting their work.

The program of the communications and posters.

17/04/2015 (All day) to 19/04/2015 (All day)


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