15th European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics (EMAC)

The EMAC meetings cover a wide range of subjects, through the following sessions:

* Development of new methods and techniques
* Chronology and dating
* Provenance and networks
* Applied decorations
* Technical ceramics
* Ceramics as building materials
* Vessel function and vessel use
* Production centres and raw material studies
* Alteration and conservation
* Experimental studies and ethnoarchaeology
* Statistics and databases in ancient ceramic studies: papers in honour of Mike Baxter

Among the communications and posters presented by POMEDOR members:

Preserve, enrich, share, interconnect: ongoing developments of the Lyon CERAMO database
Yona Waksman, Aybüke Özturk, Louis Eyango, Valérie Merle, Céline Brun, Marie Delavenne, Jacques Burlot, Alain Bernet, Cécile Batigne Vallet, Bertrand David , Stéphane Lallich, Jérôme Darmont

Studying the decoration techniques of the so-called “Port Saint-Symeon Ware” as a witness of interactions between populations in medieval north-eastern Mediterranean.
Jacques Burlot, Yona Waksman

Food in context: preliminary interdisciplinary research on the dolia from the so called “wine-cellar” of thermopolium V 4, 6-8 at Pompeii
Alessandra Pecci, S. Mileto, S. Ritodale, Daniela Cottica

Further information

Time & Place
Monday, 16 September 2019 (All day) to Wednesday, 18 September 2019 (All day)
Universitat de Barcelona UB
Montalegre, 6
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