1rst POMEDOR meeting, Athens February 11th

The first POMEDOR meeting was mainly devoted to archaeological contexts and categories of ceramics which will be selected for investigation during the project. After a general presentation of the POMEDOR project and of its tools for collaborative research (Y. Waksman), precisions regarding the different methods of analyses (elemental, petrographic, residues analysis) and sampling specificities were given (A. Shapiro, Y. Waksman, A. Pecci). Regional presentations of sites and ceramic material were given by the regional coordinators J. Vroom (Turkey, Greece), E.J. Stern (Israel) and S. Gabrieli (Cyprus), with a summary of previous archaeometric studies by A. Vokaer, A. Shapiro and Y. Waksman.

Time & Place
Monday, 11 February 2013 (All day)
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