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Agnès Vokaer

Username: Agnès Vokaer
Affiliation: Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Specialty: Ceramic studies
Main research interests: Levantine archaeology (Late Antique and Early Islamic), archaeometry, ancient economy and material culture
Email: agvokaer [at]

Ahmad Alshoky

Username: Ahmad Alshoky
Affiliation: General supervisor of the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, Egypt
Specialty: Islamic Archaeology
Main research interests: Islamic Art, Excavations
Email: alshokyart [at]

Alessandra Pecci

Username: alepecci
Affiliation: ERAAUB, University of Barcelona
Specialty: Residue analysis, food practices, use of space, archaeometry, ethnoarchaeology, experimental archaeology
Main research interests: Food practices, use of ceramics, trade, use of space, Middle Ages, Late Antiquity, Mediterranean, Mesoamerica
Email: alepecci [at]

Anastasia Shapiro

Username: AnastasiaSh
Affiliation: Israel Antiquities Authority, Israel
Specialty: Geology, petrography, archaeological survey, ceramics
Main research interests: Geology of the Levantine area, provenance and technology of ceramics
Email: petercha [at]

Anastasia Vassiliou

Username: Anastasia Vassiliou
Affiliation: Greek Ministry of Culture, 25th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities, Greece
Specialty: Byzantine pottery
Main research interests: Medieval archaeology, Material culture, Medieval pottery, Everyday life
Email: natasavasiliu [at]

Anastasia Yangaki

Username: yangaki
Affiliation: Associate Researcher, Institute of Historical Research, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, Greece
Specialty: Material Culture of Byzantium
Main research interests: Medieval Pottery in regions of Greece, Late antique and Byzantine Archaeology, Historical Geography, Byzantine pottery and metalwork
Email: yangaki [at]

Archontoula Anastasiadou

Username: Tenia
Affiliation: Ephorate of Antiquities, Larissa Greece
Specialty: Byzantine archaeology
Main research interests: Byzantine Archaeology, Byzantine Pottery
Email: aanastasiadou [at]

Asa Eger

Username: Asa Eger
Affiliation: University of North Carolina-Greensboro, USA
Specialty: Early Islamic Turkey, Israel
Main research interests: rural sites, economy, frontiers
Email: aaeger [at]

Béatrice Caseau

Username: caseau
Affiliation: Labex RESMED université Paris-Sorbonne, France
Specialty: Byzantine history
Main research interests: food culture, history of religion, history of the senses, history of family
Email: beatrice.caseau [at]

Bethany Walker

Username: bwalker
Affiliation: University of Bonn, Germany
Specialty: Islamic ceramics and archaeology
Main research interests: Mamluk Sultanate, rural society, agricultural and environmental history
Email: bwalker [at]


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