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Evelina Todorova

Username: Evelina Todorova
Affiliation: National Archaeological Institute with Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria
Specialty: Early Byzantine and Medieval Archaeology
Main research interests: Medieval amphorae, medieval pottery, trade networks and distribution
Email: evatodorova79 [at]

Florence Liard

Username: Florence Liard
Specialty: Petrography, geology, ceramic fabrics
Main research interests: Byzantine ceramics from Greece
Email: florence_liard [at]

Giovanni Stranieri

Username: Giovanni Stranieri
Affiliation: Centre d'histoire et d'archéologie médiévales (CIHAM/ UMR 5648), Lyon, France
Specialty: Medieval Archaeology
Main research interests: Landscape Archaeology
Email: gstranieri [at]

Hervé Monchot

Username: Hervé Monchot
Affiliation: Labex Resmed Paris IV La Sorbonne - UMR 8167 "Orient & Méditerranée", Paris, France
Specialty: Zooarchaeology - Taphonomy
Main research interests: Near and Middle East - Late Antiquity & Medieval period - Religion - Diet and food habits
Email: herve.monchot [at]

Hugo Blake

Username: Hugo Blake
Affiliation: Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
Specialty: medieval and later ceramics
Main research interests: Italian exports
Email: hugo.blake [at]

Ian Randall

Username: IRandall
Affiliation: Brown University, USA
Specialty: Byzantine Archaeology
Main research interests: Early Medieval Cyprus
Email: ian_randall [at]

Ilias Anagnostakis

Username: Ilias
Affiliation: Institute of Historical Research, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, Greece
Specialty: History of Byzantium
Main research interests: Every day and social Life in Byzantium, Byzantine Peloponnesus, Byzantine wine and olive oil production, Byzantine Gastronomy

Iryna Teslenko

Username: Iryna Teslenko
Affiliation: NAS of Ukraine, Archaeological Institute, Crimean Branch, Ukraine
Specialty: Medieval archaeology of the Northern Black Sea region
Main research interests: Medieval ceramics of the Black Sea and the eastern Mediterranean, material culture, archaeology
Email: iryna_teslenko [at]

Jacques Burlot

Username: Jacques Burlot
Affiliation: UMR 5138 Laboratoire Archéométrie et Archéologie, Lyon, France
Specialty: Archaeometric characterization of ceramics
Main research interests: Medieval eastern mediterranean ceramics
Email: jacques.burlot [at]

Joanita Vroom

Username: Joanita Vroom
Affiliation: Leiden University, The Netherlands
Specialty: Byzantine, Islamic and Ottoman archaeology
Main research interests: pottery, glass, food, cuisine, dining habits, cooking techniques, eastern Mediterranean
Email: joanitavroom [at]


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