A lively 2018 edition...

The 2018 national training program attendees, holding replicas of Byzantine potteries in front of the "Maison de l'Orient et de la Méditerranée" in Lyon (photo Y. Rezkallah)

of the national training program "Archaeological and Archaeometric Approaches to Ceramics: Byzantine World and Medieval Middle-East" gathered in Lyon 19 participants of Syrian, Iranian, Algerian, Italian and ... French nationality, coming from all over France, as well as from Beyrouth and Florence.

The training included both methodological approaches to ceramics studies, focusing especially on analytical ones (fabrics, petrographic and chemical analysis for provenance and technology studies, residues analysis for studies of contents and uses...), and courses on Byzantine and Eastern Mediterranean medieval pottery, including hands-on on sherds and observations under the binocular, supplemented with replicas and 3D models.

Food experience in a typical Lyonnese restaurant was not forgotten! (photo Y. Rezkallah)

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