Documentary film "The journey of food"

Part 3 of the documentary series "The journey of food" focuses on the Byzantine period. Several members of the POMEDOR network, especially the historians Ilias Anagnostakis and Béatrice Caseau, contributed to it.

Scenes were shot at the Bocuse Institute during the preparation of the POMEDOR conference diner, where Sally Grainger, who designed the recipes with the input of Ilias Anagnostakis and Andrew Dalby, worked together with the chefs and a team of international students.

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Presentation of the series on the Anemon productions website

What are the origins of Greek food? How did geography, climate, biology, economy, society and culture define what we eat in South-East Europe? From Prehistory to Antiquity, and from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires to the modern era, this 5-part doc series explores the ways in which diet in Greece and the Mediterranean has evolved and constantly redefined the destiny of its peoples. From age-old skills of survival and connectivity to modern-day diet-related epidemics, we travel from Greece to the Middle East, Italy and France, tracing the roots and many facets of a diet that has come to be viewed as a global model for good health.

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