Studies of Byzantine amphorae highlight the role of Chalcis again - view and download the 3D model of a Günsenin 3 amphora!

Example of amphora of type Günsenin III (sample BZN322), shown to belong to Chalcis production (Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities of Chalkida, Greece)

Chalcis was identifed as a production center of amphorae types Günsenin 2 and 3 - a prominent one for the latter type. This new result further highlights the role of Chalcis in maritime trade involving both food containers and tablewares, already pointed out by our study of the "MBP" tablewares.

The paper is available in open access and contains a downloadable 3D model of a typical example of Günsenin 3 amphora (link to the free 3D viewer MeshLab; open the .obj file through File/Import mesh), which may be seen and manipulated online on Elsevier's website:

S.Y. Waksman, S.S. Skartsis, N.D. Kontogiannis, E.P. Todorova, G. Vaxevanis, Investigating the origins of two main types of Middle and Late Byzantine amphorae, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports,

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