Paphos 8 August 1303 Snapshot of a Destruction. by: J.R. Green, R.S. Gabrieli, H.K.A. Cook, E.J. Stern, B. McCall, E. Lazer (2014)

An assemblage representing post-earthquake clearing was found sealed in a well at Fabrika Hill, Paphos (the Paphos-theatre site), by the excavation team from the University of Sydney.

Most of the assemblages comprised pottery that could be dated to the late 13th–early 14th century, and included a small amount of utility vessels and a large number of glazed wares, predominantly Paphos-Lemba production. Considerable amount of kiln debris identified the site as one of the Paphos-Lemba pottery workshops.

Other material culture remains included glass, stone and metal artefacts, as well as residual Roman-period pottery and stone vessels. A considerable number of faunal remains, some of them complete skeletons, were also found - most of them of animals that died in the event.

full reference:

Green, J.R., Gabrieli, R.S., Cook, H.K.A., Stern, E.J., McCall, B. and Lazer, E. 2014. Paphos 8 August 1303 Snapshot of a Destruction. Leventis Foundation, Nicosia.

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