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Maurice Picon passed away on November 16th.

He was a pioneer, as one of the founders of archaeometry in France, and especially of provenance studies of ceramics, which he developped as the Director of the "Laboratoire de Céramologie" in Lyon. The concepts and tools he created have been the backbone of archaeological ceramics analysis since the 1970's.

The POMEDOR project owes him tremendously.

The announcement and a series of tributes which appeared after his death are available on the GMPCA website. Its bibliography, part of wich is available below, together with an...

Sun, 16/11/2014 (All day)

organized by Roos van Osten, and by Joanita Vroom and Yona Waksman of the POMEDOR network, at the next EAA meeting will take place on Saturday September 13th afternoon.

Session (T04S011) in the theme T04 "Environment and Subsistence: Geosphere, Ecosphere and Human Interactions"

The scope of this session is to discuss eating habits and food practices in Medieval Europe, using different approaches (archaeology, archaeometry, history) and specialities (e.g., ceramology, archaeozoology, archaeobotany, anthropology, etc.). Its perspective is that food, as a social and cultural marker, can be seen as a particularly significant factor in understanding complex relationships between a wide...

10/09/2014 (All day) to 14/09/2014 (All day)

The POMEDOR project will be presented at the next International Symposium on Archaeometry in Los Angeles, in the session "HUMAN – ENVIRONMENT INTERACTIONS AND BIOMATERIALS-BIOARCHAEOLOGY".

ISA conference website

Mon, 19/05/2014 (All day) to Fri, 23/05/2014 (All day)

For the first time this year, we organize in Lyon a workshop for students and professionnals to teach them archaeological and archaeometric approaches to Eastern Mediterranean Medieval pottery.
The workshop includes both methodological and practical courses with pottery corpuses.

Program (in French)

Contact: Yona Waksman

Mon, 27/01/2014 (All day) to Thu, 30/01/2014 (All day)


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