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Roland-Pierre Gayraud et Lucy Vallauri
avec la collaboration de Guergana Guionova et Jean-Christophe Tréglia
et la participation de S. Yona Waksman, Claudio Capelli et Roberto Cabella
Fustat II. Fouilles d’Isṭabl ʿAntar. Céramiques d’ensembles des IXe et Xe siècles
FIFAO 75, Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale, Le Caire, 2017

"The excavations of Isṭabl ʿAntar were carried out between 1985 and 2005. They revealed remains on a surface of more than two hectares, and a large quantity of archaeological finds of various types, as well as organic material. The publication of this material is currently under progress.

Ceramics constitute the...

The symposium “Networking through Fustat shards” gathers Egyptian and European curators and researchers involved in the study of Fustat pottery. It is co-organized by POMEDOR member Valentina VEZZOLI, with the participation of Yona WAKSMAN and of a new POMEDOR member Ahmad ALSHOKY - welcome!

The meeting is followed by the presentation of the new book "En Harmonie/Mutanāsiban. Art du monde islamique aux Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire de Bruxelles", Racine.

Program of the meeting

Free registration...

26/03/2015 (All day)
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