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The Levantine Ceramics Project ( will hold a workshop at the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, Jerusalem. The focus of this workshop will be on petro-fabrics and their associated wares. We welcome presentations of material from sites in Lebanon, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Jordan. Our goals are to devise a consistent naming system for petro-fabrics, and to build up the LCP web site by adding more, and more detailed, data. In addition to presentations, each session will include discussion and time for uploading information directly to the site.

The LCP is an open, crowd-sourced repository for Levantine...

12/03/2015 - 08:00

... are moving forward, with the first results of Anastasia Shapiro, seen here preparing thin sections, on POMEDOR samples.
This first batch studies the tradition of using calcareous clays between the early Islamic and the early Crusader periods, through the characterization of archaeologically identified workshops.

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