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In May 2013, members of the POMEDOR team went to Paphos and Nicosia to sample cooking and table wares for various archaeometric analyses: chemical, petrographic and residue analysis.

The aims of this sampling campaign were to:

  • Create reference chemical group(s) for the Paphos Theatre workshop;
  • Identify sources of import;
  • Begin investigations on the use of cooking wares.

Work concentrated on three close assemblages of the late 13th century:

  • A post-earthquake context from Fabrika Hill, Paphos (excavations of the University of Sydney);
  • A household assemblage found in a Roman-period tomb in Paphos, in secondary use as a house or a storage
  • ...
Tue, 14/05/2013 (All day) to Thu, 23/05/2013 (All day)

Caroline Castonguay-Boisvert is presently building up the POMEDOR website, in the framework of her internship in computer sciences (DUT informatique) at the University of Lyon. She is hosted by the "Laboratoire de Céramologie" (CNRS UMR 5138) and the "Maison de l'Orient et de la Méditerranée" (CNRS USR 3439) of Lyon.

The site is conceived both as a traditional website and as a collaborative platform for members of the POMEDOR network. Issues in various aspects of food and foodways in the medieval Eastern Mediterranean may be discussed in the Members / forum section, and groups working on specific subjects may exchange...

The first POMEDOR meeting was mainly devoted to archaeological contexts and categories of ceramics which will be selected for investigation during the project. After a general presentation of the POMEDOR project and of its tools for collaborative research (Y. Waksman), precisions regarding the different methods of analyses (elemental, petrographic, residues analysis) and sampling specificities were given (A. Shapiro, Y. Waksman, A. Pecci). Regional presentations of sites and ceramic material were given by the regional coordinators J. Vroom (Turkey, Greece), E.J. Stern (Israel) and S. Gabrieli (Cyprus), with a summary of previous archaeometric studies by A. Vokaer, A. Shapiro and Y....

11/02/2013 (All day)


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